Goodies traces its roots to more than 30 years ago in a warm, brightly-decorated restaurant along Beirut’s lively Verdun area. The charm of the restaurant’s delicate cuisine comes from the legendary Lebanese philosophy of utilizing primarily organic seasonal flavors, enhanced by the classic and world-renowned Lebanese technique of cooking. Popular acclaim and success led the concept to break borders and has since found its way to key cities in the Middle East, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Goodies Restaurant: A Recipe to Customer Enjoyment

Over the years, Goodies’ traditional philosophy has evolved into a unique, delectable concept that has taken Saudi Arabia by storm with two restaurants currently operating in the city of Jeddah. Today, Goodies’ customer satisfaction is the delightful result of a novel menu format specially-designed to cater to every guest’s discriminating taste. It’s open kitchen set-up and circular dish-selection layout has become a refreshing addition to the local restaurant scene that bustles with a surfeit of international restaurants that cater a variety of culinary choices. Goodies is distinct in such as way that guests can indulge in the unexpected pleasures of a vibrant “tasting menu,” while still maintaining some control in the cooking and preparation process. Dishes are listed by their principal ingredients and guests are invited to make their selections, share their preferences and allow them to have their meals prepared exactly the way they want it.

Goodies ensures that it has a little bit of something for everyone. In addition to its lunch and dinner attractions, Goodies also has a Tea and Coffee Bar which is perfect for customers who enjoy breakfast or snacks with their morning paper. It provides catering services and also takes orders for customized cakes for any occasion, making Goodies an all-season destination for your food and service needs.

What is more is that Goodies’ food offerings, when combined with the fastest, most efficient and friendliest service only its crew can offer, makes dining and shopping at Goodies ideal for all types of customers – whether they prefer to have their meals on the go or over leisurely banter with friends or family members.

Committed to serve only the freshest of natural ingredients prepared right before your eyes, Goodies concept’s universal appeal and value added products and services has been embraced by people of all age groups, background and culture.

GOODIES – The Gourmet Store

Envisioned as a one-stop-shop, Goodies combines the sophistication and convenience of a restaurant and gourmet food retail shop under one roof. Goodies’ tasty selection of the finest traditional Lebanese snacks and other Middle Eastern delicacies such as sweets for Ramadan and other occasions are neatly stacked alongside a colorful array of fresh meat, fish, fruits and vegetables guaranteed to entice any customer. Here, quality and freshness is at a premium and rivals even the best sources of Class A produce anywhere in the country today.

Guest Testimonials

I can't say enough about your Lebanese Restaurant! The reasonable prices, and great atmosphere are only topped by the delicious food. Goodies's is a Gem! Keep up the great work... and don't change a thing! Thank you!

Steve Hunt
 Ottawa, Canada

Loved the food! I highly recommend Goodies's for a great Lebanese meal!

Sarah Smith

At lunchtime, people in the know head to Goodies's. It is the best place to eat lunch.

Khalid Al-Kathiri
 Jeddah, KSA

Goodies’ meals offer great value for money.  My kids loved the outdoor feel of the terrace dining area, while my wife enjoyed shopping in the gourmet shops. The attention to detail given to the restaurant’s interiors and friendly service greatly contributed to the overall cozy ambiance of the restaurant.

Abdulaziz Eid Al-Amiri
 Jams graphics, Jeddah, KSA

My friends and I have recently discovered this gem of a restaurant called Goodies inside Coral Mall.  We were really impressed with their novel ordering format which gave us freedom to experiment with different food combinations.  The service is also amazingly fast and friendly!  Our search for a regular noontime haunt is finally over!

Hussain Al-Humaidi
MES Industries, Al-Khobar, KSA

Every time I visit Jeddah, I always make it a point to dine by Goodies.  The servings are generous and there is always something I find in their stores that I can bring back home to Riyadh.

Sultan Abdullah Al-Shehri
Riyadh, KSA

Goodies is fun, fun, fun!  Two big thumbs up!

James Bunn
London, UK

The Goodies dining concept is one of a kind.  Each visit is like dining there for the first time as there is always something to look forward to.  I will definitely come back to Goodies again and again.

Kamal Noujaim
Zentic Media Company, Lebanon

In a word, Goodies is simply awesome!

Mark Anderson
Chicago, USA

Goodies serves great food the whole family will enjoy!

Abdul Kareem Al-Sheikh
Manama, Bahrain

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